“To the romantic, life is a tragedy.
To the thinker, life is a comedy.”
~Horace Walpole

“Everyone wants to change the world,
but nobody wants to change themselves.”
~Leo Tolstoy

“Nobody would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good intentions,
he also had money.”
~Margaret Thatcher

“Never tell people how good you are.
If you are truly good, they will tell you.”
~Jeremy Whitt, 1987

“The key to being smart is not making others feel dumb.”
~Jeremy Whitt, 1996

“If you work hard, time is your friend.
If you work smart, speed is your friend.”
~Jeremy Whitt, 1999

“It takes smart people to make things work.
But it takes brilliant people to make things easy.”
~Jeremy Whitt, 2001

“Impossibility is the greatest motivator of creativity.”
~Jeremy Whitt, 2003

“If it’s not simple, it’s not well understood.”
~Albert Einstein

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